If age pigmented spots and hyperpigmented areas affect your skin’s appearance, you may be a good candidate for fast, effective laser treatments. The Eye Care Center of Kauai in Lihue, Hawaii, offers this cutting-edge treatment to improve the appearance and condition of your skin affected by sunspots, dark spots, and discoloration. Eileen and her team use innovative laser systems and products to help you achieve younger looking skin in just a few treatments. Schedule an appointment online or by phone to learn more about the benefits of age pigmented spot removal.

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What causes age pigmented spots?

Areas of brown, black, or gray spots on your skin are common issues that occur as a natural part of the aging process, most often relating to years of exposure to the sun. These dark spots develop when your body produces an excess of skin pigments, also known as melanin.

Age pigmented spots and sunspots are common in areas of your body frequently receiving sun exposure, including your:

  • Face
  • Forearms
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back
  • Back of the hands

You may be at increased risk for developing age pigmented spots if you’re over 40 and have fair skin. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or frequently use a tanning bed, you may develop more age pigmented spots as you get older.

Are age pigmented spots dangerous?

Age pigmented spots are typically a surface condition affecting your self-confidence, not your health. The team can evaluate your dark spots, and if there are any areas of concern, they may recommend further testing to ensure you don’t have skin cancer.

What treatments are available for age pigmented spots?

At The Eye Care Center of Kauai, Eileen and her team use state-of-the-art laser systems to reduce the appearance of age pigmented spots, sunspots, and other skin hyperpigmentations.

The laser uses intense pulsed light that targets melanin underneath your skin. Various light waves break up the melanin, destroying it permanently without damaging surrounding tissue.

Your body naturally eliminates the damaged cells as waste, and you see a significant improvement in the appearance of spots. Over time they appear lighter or go away completely.

Do laser treatments for age pigmented spots hurt?

The noninvasive laser treatments are fast and cause minimal discomfort. Eileen and the team ensure you are comfortable during the procedure and can apply a topical anesthetic to prevent pain.

The laser targets only the melanin in your skin and doesn’t damage surrounding skin tissue. You can expect to return to your normal activities after treatment. You can treat any swelling or discomfort with over-the-counter ibuprofen.

To find out if you’re a candidate for laser treatments to minimize age pigmented spots, dark spots, and sun damage, schedule a consultation online or by phone.

Does the laser system treat other skin flaws?

The laser systems are effective in treating many skin flaws that result from excess production of melanin, including:

  • Sun damage and sunspots
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Moles

You may see results after the first treatment, with significantly less visible pigmentation of the treatment areas.